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At Hotel De Chat we are here to give your cat the experience he/she needs whilst you are away. If you need to go on a business trip or enjoy a holiday we will take good care of your cat. Each of our spacious cat chalets offer double glazed windows and underfloor heating to keep them cosy during the colder months and cooler in the warmer months. All cat chalets are furnished with high quality beds to help your cat relax and toys to help keep them stimulated.


The wellbeing of your cat is at the forefront of everything we do at Hotel De Chat that’s why we pay particular attention to cat behaviour and what makes for a happy cat. Cats are natural climbers and love hanging out in all manner of high spaces. Vertical spaces facilitate a feeling of safety for cats and our chalets are kitted out with tall cat trees to help them feel at ease.

We try and make play a multi-sensory experience as cats get bored very easily. We never leave our cat toys in the chalet all the time as your cat will soon catch on to the mouse that never leaves and that is no fun at all.

The unique design of our cat chalets enables us to create some nice places for naps. Cats love to doze in the sunny spot, so our full-length windows allow for many sun-drenched sleepy hours, amongst a sumptuous scattering of cushions.

Whilst your cat is in our care we will endeavour to make their stay with us as stress free and as happy as possible so you can go on holiday with one less thing to worry about.

The Best Care for your Best Friend

At Hotel De Chat we ensure that your cat becomes part of our family during their stay with us so they feel….

  • Safe and Secure.

  • Entertained and Happy

  • Loved and Cuddled


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