Room Service

Cats that come to stay at Hotel de Chat cattery can be assured of not only the highest quality cattery accommodation, but also food to suit their individual needs. Your cat will be fed exactly as they are at home during their stay at Hotel de Chat cattery, we ensure that your cat’s dietary requirements are recorded and their specific needs are met from the moment they arrive at the cattery so their daily routine is maintained. Within each cattery Chalet fresh drinking water is always available for the cats to enjoy as they wish.


Cats, although very independent, love exercise and mental stimulation and whilst you are enjoying your holiday, our cattery visitors are provided with plenty of activities whilst they stay at Hotel de Chat cattery. We provide regular playtime for the cats during their time with us at Hotel de Chat cattery, we will provide a variety of toys or visiting cats are welcome to bring their own. Fun is the name of the game at Hotel De Chat cattery.

Medical Team

In the unlikely event that your cat should become unwell during his/her time with us we have an excellent team of local vets on board to help. If your cat already has medication that is required to be administered then this must be provided on arrival to cover the length of their stay.


Our staff are all natural cat lovers who aim to give the best professional care. Our team are regularly trained in order to maintain high standards and conform to regulation requirements.


Cats spend half of their waking hours self-grooming and helping them with their favourite pastime is a great way to have interaction and to bond with your companion. We ensure that your cat continues to enjoy being groomed whilst in our care.